Filmed in Ajo !!!

February 16, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Salazar Ajo - Library
15 N Plaza St
Ajo, AZ 85321
Salazar Ajo - Library

2 P.M. Tuesday Feb. 16: Giant Flesh-Eating Rabbits Ravage American Southwest After Scientist Slips Up! A 1972 movie. 88 minutes. Rated PG.

2 P.M. Wednesday Feb. 17: Two modern day cowboys smuggle a herd of cows across the border in this loosely amiable comedy. A 1972 movie. 102 minutes. Rated PG

2 P.M. Thursday Feb 18:

This Western contains scenes filmed in the Ajo area. On the run from her cold-hearted husband, a woman witnesses a daring train robbery. The robbers are forced to take her prisoner, riding deep into untamed territory, pursed by a posse led by a determined Wells Fargo agent. A 1973 movie. 122 minutes. Rated PG.

2 P.M. Friday:

In this western, a town sheriff contends with his reputation as the “fastest gun in the West.” When a young gunslinger calls him out for a showdown, the sheriff is struck by the fellow’s resemblance to himself and unsuccessfully attempts to talk him out of his foolish career choice. Released in 1967. 96 minutes. Not rated.